Trading  your birthright for a tattoo.

I spent the better part of ten years tearing down religion in my life and in the lives of others, I wanted freedom from man made religion as did a lot of us in this movement but what now? So we’re not religious, what now? You lived through it and you got the tattoo, what now?

Sadly some Christians have been duped into the line of thinking that the experience of freedom simply lies right outside of the walls of man made  religion… and that couldn’t be further from the truth, it is resting inside of intimacy with Yahweh, there is where we thrive, there is where we discover who we really are and there is where we are at one with the father and each other.

Early on in this movement Yahweh gave me a dream: I was walking up on this hill and there was this old house, there were many young spiritual leaders there Tearing this house apart, I looked down on the ground and there were pieces of this house laying everywhere, there was a full dormer laying on the ground that really just needed some of the wood replaced and to be re attached to the house… as I looked back up to the house there were pieces of the house being thrown everywhere without thought or regard to the future. Yahweh spoke to me and said whatever is torn down must be built back right.
The time is now, I have already seen a shift in spiritual leadership coming together to rebuild and restore Yahweh’s intended design for worship and family, and that truly starts with intimacy with Him and coming together to worship in spirit and truth.



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