As you all well know Revelation Resistance has been in a season for the past 2 years, I’m so excited to announce that we are entering a new season for the podcast, I’ve taken the last month off to sit back and re-evaluate where I believe that Yahweh is leading me and this ministry and what He wants from it in this new season that we will be in… I have tirelessly exhausted myself trying to keep up with and navigate these times as a leader, and like many of you if I do not heed Yahweh’s leadership in my life  I’m not going to end up any good to anyone, and sometimes what was effective yesterday will not be effective today so with much prayer and leadership from Yahweh and the spiritual leadership in my life things are changing… some of you will like it and some maybe not, and those that may not like it have been considered but ultimately I’m not here to serve you what I believe you want,  I’m here to serve you and offer you what I have in this season of Revelation Resistance and I have considered a lot of things and completely quitting podcasting was one of them, but I believe Yahweh is pleased to have me just be me with Him in this new season of the ministry. So I love you all and I greatly appreciate your support over the past 2 years, it’s been a real trek to journey and as you listen to the first 2 years of Revelation Resistance you’ll see someone who was scared and hurt really never wanting to be a part of church or church family be loved and guided towards his full potential as a Kingdom man. Or at least thats what I get out of the past 2 years. -Stacy


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