National Socialism

Today let’s remember historical events that no one wants to think about, why? because we should never forget how people became capable of unthinkable atrocities.

Nazism- Oooh scary word, is actually just the innocent sounding National Socialism, a term being thrown around quite a bit these days and there is a rising surge in socialist thinking popularity, sure it’s the easy way, establish a bunch of leaders that you think have your best interest in mind and and lay back while they take care of everything for you, this is the death of a republic, a free state where the people have control, I mean do you actually think Every German wanted to kill the Jews? Of course not but when your being fed during famine and world war what are you gonna do? There was even a coup d’etat of powerful leaders in Germany to try to dispose of Hitler and his tyranny.

Today we live in a free country, sure I grasp the reality that our culture is changing fast and it seems like sometimes we are loosing our rights and a lot of people are afraid. True revolution starts with you in your home, love God, love your family, love your neighbors, love your enemies, it will change the world, why? you say, because Jesus said it… sure we need to vote exercise our freedoms and rights as Americans but we are already having to choose the lesser of evils and that seems to be getting harder as I get older, as for me I’m putting my faith in God and what Jesus said… it has changed the world, it has changed me.


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