Yes it’s been a wild ride for everyone in the past year!

GET-REVELATION ROCKFEST was originally scheduled for 2020, but due to covid restrictions me and Glenn kept pushing it up until it looked like “is this even gonna happen.”
In late 2019 Yahweh gave me a word about ROCKFEST that even I was challenged by when He spoke it into my heart, but He knew that challenge would go even deeper into: “Yahweh… this just looks impossible!” Bands fell off the roster, covid restrictions were not lifting and I’m like “ ok Yahweh you said…” and He has reaffirmed it several times to me and Glenn that in spite of how things look the word he gave me hasn’t changed, and it is basically this, dream big because ROCKFEST is gonna be bigger and beyond anything we could have ever imagined! He’s already done so much for us during this crazy time that I stand in awe of… but we have an appointment set on 5.15.2021 and Yahweh is going to show up in an most beautiful and lovely and mighty way.
Following is the word in its entirety:

Word rev rockfest

This is a call to honor what Yahweh has set before us at the table.

This event (Get -Revelation Rockfest 2020) is a Holy declaration of God himself, it starts with us sitting in our seats at his table honoring what he has set before us in fear and wonder, the creator of the universe has appointed a time to meet with us in Charleston SC in 2020, (this is sacred, this is holy) and we are setting the ark down in Charleston untouched by our hands and simply sitting in our seat to watch Yahweh explode into our revelation of His presence. We will prepare they way crying in the wilderness about his ferocious and relentless love and kindness towards us.

looking forward to seeing you with Yahweh in Charleston SC in 2021

love and blessings- Stacy

Faith. Family. Friendship. Forever.