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Knuckles Bled Podcast

We would love to welcome Knuckles Bled to the Rev Resistance Family! Shaun Redfern runs and is the content creator for the Knuckles Bled outreach ministry, Shaun is a happily married man, a poet, a writer, and artistic creator of the things that God stirs up in his heart, Shaun like many of us has […]

Radical Christianity

In my lifetime I’ve seen some Christians do some radical things, some good some bad, but never be fearful of radically following Jesus, he loves the unloved and the unloveable, he heals the worthy and the unworthy, he radically loves and follows Yahweh and His word, he was scandalous, he ignored man made religion to […]

The End Of The World

The second coming of Christ. I’ll never forget when I first gave my heart to Jesus when I was 10, it was an exciting time! I had Jesus in my heart I had been saved, so in my excitement I began to study the Bible like really read it for the first time in my […]

Who goes there?

Who lives in you? Is it an idea? An ideal? A comfortable religious system? The potency of the things Jesus did while he was here were born in deep intimacy and worship with the father. A lot of us fear it because we will have to take responsibility and authority over the things that (seem) […]

National Socialism

Today let’s remember historical events that no one wants to think about, why? because we should never forget how people became capable of unthinkable atrocities. Nazism- Oooh scary word, is actually just the innocent sounding National Socialism, a term being thrown around quite a bit these days and there is a rising surge in socialist […]

The Orchid Reign Podcast

Join me as we celebrate this new addition to the Rev family: The Orchid Reign Podcast. WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Part of the Revelation X Resistance network The Orchid Reign Podcast is bringing fresh perspectives, artistic endeavors, stories, movies, music, Inspired by Christian hearts and minds. Love you guys! thank you to all who have […]

The Judas Agenda VS The Jesus Agenda

­ The Judas Agenda VS The Jesus Agenda Don’t assume that every place you walk into that looks like a church is a church, don’t assume that behind every pulpit is a preacher/pastor. How to know? Jesus came to show us the true heart of the Father. Judas showed us what man is truly capable […]

Lay Down Your Weapon

“But Jesus said to him, “Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword. Or do you think that I cannot now pray to My Father, and He will provide Me with more than twelve legions of angels? How then could the Scriptures be fulfilled, that it […]

The Way

Our way is established not in our confidence of how much we think we know about the Bible and God… our way is established through how intimately we know Yahweh’s heart and this knowledge cannot be followed or reproduced it can only be known as He is known by you through worship in spirit and […]


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