• I grew up around all white people, most of them said the N word when referring to darker skinned individuals, I did what everyone else did… I didn’t know any better, yes I did question the phrase “don’t say the N word around them.” But that brought relevance to when I entered middle school and was truly exposed to people of different cultural backgrounds skin colors and ethnicity. I think I realized that saying the N word was not cool if you couldn’t say it in front of the people you were taking about and not get punched in the face so I chose to integrate and never looked back but some of my friends chose to form a group that was resistant to that, I believe it was for fear of being afraid to try to understand and embrace our differences as people, but as we grew older and things started to change a lot of those people integrated as well.

  • So I’m just some redneck kid from the south but maybe I need to write this so I can truly try to understand how I got to where I am today… where we are today. I believe all people of all colors and all backgrounds are beloved and should be celebrated as so. God created us all different, even within our own skin colors we are different and individually handcrafted by Yahweh and I believe that it pleases Him and brings Him great joy when we overcome differential, racial and cultural boundaries to love each other, and sure I may know what it feels like to be singled out by the cops because of visual choices I made (earrings tattoos etc.) but I do not know what it feels like to have a different color skin, and honestly in the Christian faith to me it is a given that all people are on a level playing field with God as he loves us all the same, I even sang that song as a kid (red or yellow black or white we are precious in His sight Jesus love the little children of the world.) And I still believe that, and I still believe that the Bible shows us that all men are created equal, now loving each other is the challenge and honestly that ain’t got nothing to do with feelings… it’s about showing your fellow human beings love, even those that hate you deserve love, that’s what Jesus taught.

  • So in this current culture climate I see a lot of people bickering back and forth on social media about everything from computer chips to guns to the government being corrupt and on and on, and really it’s insignificant, why? Because we’re not all going to get our way and love should be the most important thing between us as humans period, sure we want freedom we want our rights but more importantly we need expose evil and love should take the drivers seat while that is executed, sound crazy? It can be done.

  • They say the heart has its own truth, well it does, without God… and I am fully convinced that we are doomed as human race apart from God, the reason we are where we are today is because of mans dead ideas that do not entertain or consider God in any way, if we look throughout time we see failure after failure where we as people have tried to make our own way, but in fact we were meant to have a dynamic living and breathing relationship with Yahweh (God), and that was disrupted when man chose to step away into making decisions apart from Yahweh’s leadership and friendship. I have good news though Yahweh has provided a resolution to our decision to go it on our own and that is Jesus Christ, he is Yeshua (our salvation). And Yahweh loves you so much that he sent his only son Jesus to die for our sins and therein lies salvation, faith, hope, love, freedom and truth.

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